Specializing in the art of professional Make-Up Artistry, SkinCare, Eyebrow Sculpting, Full Body Waxing , Eyelash Extensions, Nails and Photography .Since the age of 5, Yessica Andrea has had a passion for the make-up and the fashion industry. Growing up in Miami, Fl. as a child,Yessica's aunts and grandmother have been her true inspiration. They were the ones who opened her eyes to the wonderful world of the beauty industry. As the years progressed Yessica took the beauty industry very seriously. She began by taking courses at M.I (The Make-up Institute), a professional make-up school based out of L.A. There she got training in bridal make-up (basic and artistic make-up) and photography make-up. Taking the next big step towards her career, she quickly enrolled in a local beauty school in Miami, known as La Belle beauty school, taking courses in nails. It was there were one teacher’s introduced her to the study of the skin. In the pursuit and thirst for more knowledge, she quickly found herself in Orlando, FL. On August 28, 2006 continuing her education. She received her certificate of completion from the American Hygienic Association for Fungus and Mold, Cause and Cures. On October 16, 2006 Yessica completed all her course and earned her Grand Masters from the CND. Creative Nail Design Academy. She has also attended I.D.I ( The International Derma Institute) a post graduate education school of Skin. Once at I.D.I she accomplished training in Photo Damage and Aging Skin, Acne, Type, Triggers and Treatments, Effective Skin Analysis, Speed Wax Techniques, Skin of Color, Physiology, Analysis and Treatments, Treating Rosacia and Sensitive Skin, Hydroxy Acids and Exfoliation techniques. At the age of 24 Yessica Andrea finally opened the doors to her very first salon. A professional make-up studio which managed herself and called it Yessica Andrea Inc. Professioanl Make-Up Studio. Yessica has had four other studios in Miami, kendall, bird road, two studios in little havanna and one that was located in the Miami Beach area on 71st near collins ave. In 2010 she ultimately made the decision to close her salons/ business to get much needed rest from body exhaustion. Burning herself out from all her hard work over the years. Taking time off was exactly what she needed so that she could get ready for her most biggest accomplishment. Become a dedicated and loving mother of four. Yessica Andrea was once one of South Florida's most sought-after make-up artist", said by Miss Latina Dominican, (Marcie Lisabeth). Yessica Andrea has been featured in many local magazines, and interviewed twice by City of Sound, A Colombian T.V show which aired all around the world. Some of the magazines features include 305 magazine, Nine5Four magazine, Bachelor Magazine, Sticky Grove magazine, Dancing magazine in Miami. Companies that she has worked with include: The University of Miami Cheerleaders, Miami Designer; Lila Nicole Swimwear, Piaxao Swimwear, Uncle Luke (2007), The University of Miami Film Department, Eye Candy Cosmetics, Wet 'n' Wild cosmetics, Mary Kay Inc, Lancome,MakeUp Store, The Fashion Design Expo,Visionary Entertainment, Catchsters Ent,103.5 the Beat, Power 96, Dwayne Wade from The Miami Heat. Khalila Chamcho Ali, (Mohammad Ali’s ex wife) and Prima Diva(A Professional Extension Eyelash company, and a long list of models, photographers, designers, singers, dancers, actresses, stylists, and the everyday people that enjoyed her wonderful artistic and creative work. Hard work and years of training had landed her a position as a Master Make-Up Artist Instructor at the Boca Beauty Academy in Florida. Where she trained many students in the art of Professional Make-Up Artistry, Fashion Make-Up, Hairstyling Make-Up, Bridal Make-Up, Production Make-Up, Retail and Product course, Airbrush Artistry as well as eyelashes extensions . Some of the Beauty Shows that she attended while in business were.: The Make-up show Jan 28 2008, congress of Esthetics April of 2008, the Long Beach Beauty Show in California in 2007 and 2011, and The Primer in Orlando for the past 5 years. And in 2011 Yessica Andrea taugh airbrush makeup at the Primer Beauty Show in Orlando Fl. Being (The Only) educator in 2011 with a Airbrush Makeup Class in Spanish for spanish speaking pros. Her skills include: The art of Professional make-up artistry, Airbrush Designs as well skin care (facial cleaning), Eyebrow sculpture, Full Body Waxing, Body Painting, Eye Lash Extension Technician, Nail Technician and photographer. Taking about 5 years off from the industry, she decided it was time to return to her true passion. Reinstating her beauty licenses of Nails and Skin and combing them to become a Full Specialist. Of course she had to re educate herself again to refreshen her memory and catch up on the latest beauty trends. Yessica truly believes that "Hard work, determination and dedication are the essential parts of achieving your greatest goals and reaching your biggest dreams.

" Yessica Andrea

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